Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper

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Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper

PSA-200N (Non-Shrinkable Model), PSA-200W (Shrinkable Model)

PSA-200N Non-shrinkable Mini-type Horizontal Flow Wrapper, & PSA-200W shrinkable Mini-type Horizontal Flow Wrapper.


  • Quick packaging speed creates high production efficiency. It adopts former with special design to have good H-type sealing line.
  • Film saving design matches environmental friendly issue & save cost with stable packaging.
  • Film former is designed to fit product with pushing tab of conveyor, so it can have very fitted package for good look & saving cost.
  • Traditional mechanical driving system reduce electronic parts & minimize belts using to have easy maintenance in future.
  • Additional accessories are possible to be installed such as Thermo-transferring Printer, Press Sensitive Labeler, Card Feeder…etc. Also, Auto Products Feeding or Discharging system are also adoptable to integrate full packaging line.
  • It can work with shrinkable POF or non-shrinkable BOPP, CPP or laminated film.
  • The special design former can have good H-type sealing line with perfect shrinking result.
  • Film saving design matches environmental friendly issue & save cost.


Machine Dimension: 2010 (L) x 685 (W) x 1380 (H) (m/m)
Power: 1Ø 220V 50/60HZ
Sealing Bar Length: L100 ~ 270mm x W10 ~ 170mm
Max. Package Height: 2~35 (mm) & 25~65 (mm)
Max. Package Width: 370 (mm)
Air Pressure Required: PSA-200N None; PSA-200W 5.5 (KG/CM²) or (80PSI).
Heater: 1.5KW


Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper (Non-Shrinkable Model)

Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper PSA-200N (Mask Packaging)

Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper (Shrinkable Model)

Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper (Non-Shrinkable Model), PSA-200N

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