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Shrink Packaging Material

Shrink Packaging Material / Heat Shrinkable Film
Shrink Packaging Material / Heat Shrinkable Film

According to its material, it can be categories of PET, PVC, OPS, PE, PP and POF multi-layer co-extruded heat shrinkable film.
It can be widely applied to industries of foods, chemistry, pharmacy, stationery, toys and electronic....etc. Besides, it can also be applied to multiple packaging, mass packaging, promotional packaging and gift wrapping. It can also make color printing to improve product value.

  • POF Heat Shrink Film - POF Heat Shrinkable Film / Multilayer Co-Extruded Heat Shrinkable Film / Crosslinked Film
    POF Heat Shrink Film

    POF heat shrinkable film is an environmentally friendly shrink film, Multi-layer co-extrusion. Benison provides single-wound and center folded materials, which is suitable for automatic packaging equipment such as L-type sealing machine and Horizontal Flow Wrapper. It is applicable to various industries of multiple package, promotional package and wrapping for product protection. Moreover, it also can have colors print and increase product value.

  • PVC Heat Shrink Label Film - PVC Heat Shrinkable Label / PVC Heat Shrinkable Film / PVC Shrink Packaging Film
    PVC Heat Shrink Label Film

    BENISON Co., Ltd. provides PVC shrink packaging film without 8P, PVC insulation tube (for electronic parts), PVC bag, PVC shrink tamper-evident band, professional PVC color printing heat shrink film and other shrink packaging material and various automatic packaging equipment.

  • PET Heat Shrink Label - PET Heat Shrink Label / PET Shrink Film / PET Printing Label
    PET Heat Shrink Label

    PET heat shrinkable film is environmentally friendly packaging material. In the developed countries, polyester (PET) has become an ideal substitute for replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) heat shrinkable film. High shrinkage characteristics is suitable for curved bottles with large size differences of container between body and neck. Benison provides PET Shrink film with custom design and printing service for color PET label that is good on all kinds of label packaging to enhance your product sales.

  • PP Heat Shrink Film - PP Shrink Film / PP Film / PP
    PP Heat Shrink Film

    PP (polypropylene) such as shrink film has high strength, toughness, good transparency & good protection function, and it is very stable at low or high temperature.

  • OPS Color Shrink Label - OPS Shrink Label / OPS Label / OPS Color Label / OPS Color Shrink Label
    OPS Color Shrink Label

    OPS heat shrinkable film (oriented polystyrene) is an environmentally friendly heat shrinkable packaging material. It also has high strength, high rigidity, stable shape, and good gloss and transparency.

  • Straight Shrink Film - Fresh food box, fresh fruit box or cookie box...etc.
    Straight Shrink Film

    MD shrink film is suitable for large-size containers or for tamper-evidnet band of boxes.

  • BOPP Heat Shrink Film - BOPP Heat Shrinkable Film / BOPP Film
    BOPP Heat Shrink Film

    The BOPP film includes: Ordinary biaxial oriented polypropylene film, heat shrinkable biaxial oriented polypropylene film, heat-sealed biaxial oriented polypropylene film, cigarette box packaging film, biaxial oriented polypropylene pearl film, biaxial oriented polypropylene metallized film, Matt film etc.

  • PE Heat Shrink Film - PE Heat Shrinkable Film / PE Shrink Film
    PE Heat Shrink Film

    PE heat shrinkable film has good flexibility, strong impact resistance and tear resistance, not easy to break, without damage by moisture, high shrinkage. Benison provides various types of PE heat shrinkable film. It can be widely used in wine, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth and other products of the whole package.

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Shrink Packaging Material / Heat Shrinkable Film | Heat Tunnel Machines & Plastic Films Manufacturer | Benison

Based in Taiwan since 1962, Benison & Co., Ltd. has been a shrink packaging machines and plastic films manufacturer. Our main product packaging machines include, Shrink Packaging Material, heat shrink packaging machines, automatic shrink wrap machines, heat tunnel machines, as well as plastic films and label printing services, which are CE certified and sold to over 50 countries.

60 years professional experience in packaging industry and total 400 workers locating in Taiwan's headquarters and three overseas branches of China, Philippines and Thailand. Also Benison has distributors around the world more than 50 countries to provide 24 hours service every day. As a company that manufactures the shrink wrapping machines as well as the shrink packaging materials, we can see to your total needs. Since 1962, We have developed both expertise and technology in our 60 years of experience, becoming a leader in the shrink packaging industry.

Benison has been offering customers high-quality heat shrink packaging and shrink wrap machines, both with advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Benison ensures each customer's demands are met.

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