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  • Shrink Packaging Material
    Shrink Packaging Material

    According to its material, it can be categories of PET, PVC, OPS, PE, PP and POF multi-layer co-extruded heat shrinkable film. It can be widely applied to industries of foods, chemistry, pharmacy, stationery, toys and electronic....etc. Besides, it can also be applied to multiple packaging, mass packaging, promotional packaging and gift wrapping. It can also make color printing to improve product value.

  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
    Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

    All series of Heat Shrink Packaging Machine are designed to match requirement of different sizes, working speed & fan speed. Machine works stably with different model for users' production capacities & sizes. The machine can be customized to fit user's production requirement.

  • POF Shrink Film (Single Wound & Center Folded)
    POF Shrink Film (Single Wound & Center Folded)

    POF Heat Shrink Film is an environmentally friendly packaging material, Multi-layer co-extrusion. It is suitable for automatic packaging equipment such as L-type sealing machine and horizontal packaging machine etc. It's ideal for shrink packaging lines. The technology of co-extrusion blown and cross-linked film is developed by electronic equipment of POLYOLEFINLX. The molecular structure of the cross-linking makes the film very tough and strong, and it also have good sealing and shrinkage.

  • PP Shrink Film
    PP Shrink Film

    PP (polypropylene) such as shrink film has high strength, toughness, good transparency & good protection function, and it is very stable at low or high temperature. It would not have the brittle problem. It is suitable for promotional package, gift attaching package & multiple package. Moreover, it can print product's name, various patterns etc. This film is not only environmentally friendly, but it also enhance the value of the product. It can be used in the promotional package to attach gift. It is an popular commodity packaging materials internationally.

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Based in Taiwan since 1962, Benison & Co., Ltd. has been a shrink packaging machines and plastic films manufacturer. Our main product packaging machines include, Shrink Packaging, heat shrink packaging machines, automatic shrink wrap machines, heat tunnel machines, as well as plastic films and label printing services, which are CE certified and sold to over 50 countries.

60 years professional experience in packaging industry and total 400 workers locating in Taiwan's headquarters and three overseas branches of China, Philippines and Thailand. Also Benison has distributors around the world more than 50 countries to provide 24 hours service every day. As a company that manufactures the shrink wrapping machines as well as the shrink packaging materials, we can see to your total needs. Since 1962, We have developed both expertise and technology in our 60 years of experience, becoming a leader in the shrink packaging industry.

Benison has been offering customers high-quality heat shrink packaging and shrink wrap machines, both with advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Benison ensures each customer's demands are met.

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