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Company Profile

Welcome to BENSON & CO., LTD.!

BENISON, the specialist & provider of packaging equipment, material and technology of production line.
BENISON, the specialist & provider of packaging equipment, material and technology of production line.

Quality: Our persistence

Business Philosophy
Packaging is a kind of humanized performance, which is changing all the time with a phenomenon in our society, from primitive to traditional and retro to innovative to attract consumers and create favorable business opportunities.
Benison & Co., Ltd. has founded since 1962 with developing experience and technology more than 55 years. We run the business consistently with "sincerity, confidence, perseverance" to continuously repay customers' favor, so that every business we do can be satisfied all of our clients.

Company History
2020 Added large slitter & leading in AI production line.
2019 Upgraded the design on website to match on-line service for customers.
Added chilling system for wasting heat recycle.
To lead the AI system in machinery manufacturing.
2018 Added heating system for wasting heat recycle.
Acquired certificate of “Dealing Permission of Solid Polluting Source”.
2017 Acquired certificate of “Dealing Permission of Solid Polluting Source for RTO”.
2016 Acquired HALAL certificate.
Plastic Manufacturing Dept. developed the Scratch-off Label by rotogravure print.
Machinery Manufacturing Dept. developed Hi-speed Cartoning Machine.
2014 Plastic Manufacturing Dept. developed & printed Embossed Label.
Machinery Manufacturing Dept. developed Horizontal Flow Wrapper.
2013 Added 3-color printing machine.
Plastic Manufacturing Dept. developed Anti-counterfeit Label with hidden code.
Established Plant #2 in Thailand.
Machinery Manufacturing Dept. cooperated with NAFM to develop Cartoning Machine.
2012 Added 8-color printing machine.
2010 Passed ISO-9000: 2008 version - 9001 certification.
2009 Kaohsiung factory equipped a Water-type Shrink Film Extruding Machine.
2008 Developed High-speed Side Sealing Packaging Machine, HAS-004.
2007 Taoyuan Plant #1 was set up one more 9-color printing machine.
2006 Passed ISO-9000:2000 certification, with additional 9001.
Taoyuan Plant #1 was installed a high speed slitting machine.
2005 Established Thailand Plant.
Developed economical Label Sleeve Applicator, LE-100.
Taoyuan Plant #1 increased a printing proofing machine.
Taoyuan Plant #1 increased a 7-color printing machine.
2004 Established Taoyuan 2nd factory, Machinery Department, which is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of packaging machinery.
Taoyuan Plant #1 added a 9-color printing machine.
2003 To be certified by ISO-9001.
2002 Won the Fifth Rising Star Award of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Developed 「Auto High Speed Body Label Sleeve Applicator」.
2001 Benison Technology Exchange Association was founded.
Developed 「Auto Side Sealing Packaging Machine」.
Established China (Shanghai) Plant.
2000 L type sealer / sleeve machine / shrinking machine have been certified by CE.
Quarterly news of “Benison Journal” was published.
1997 Acquired [ISO-9002] International Quality Assurance Certification.
1996 Added 4-color Printing Machine.
Successfully developed “Auto Body Label Sleeve Applicator”.
1995 Benison (Philippines) started mass production.
Established Kaohsiung Plant for producing PVC shrink packaging material.
1993 Successfully developed “Auto Tamper Evident Sleeve Applicator”.
1992 Printing department was established in Taoyuan factory.
1991 Moved to Taoyuan Plant with production expanding and set up branch offices in Taichung & Tainan
1989 Developed & expanded the factory & moved to Taoyuan.
In order to expanding foreign markets, Exporting Business Department was established.
Implement the total quality to improve work process.
1987 Developed the Automatic L-type sealer.
1981 Established mechanical department, which was devoted manufacturing of Shrink packaging machine.
1972 Benison moved headquarters to current address of CHUNG HSIAO E.RD., DA AN DIST. TAIPEI.
1962 Benison & Co., Ltd. was established with processing and dealing the shrinking material.

Benison Introduction

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Over 55 Years of Packaging Equipment & Material Manufacturing and Supply | Benison

Benison & Co., Ltd. is a packaging equipment and material supplier since 1962 based in Taiwan and has 400 staff working closely to provide high-quality machinery and films. Benison also provides 24-7 service with distributors located in over 50 countries.

Our ISO certified packaging equipment, including water-type shrink film extruding machines, high-speed side sealing packaging machines, 9-color printing machines, etc. For packaging materials, such as PVC, OPS, PE, PP, PLA, PET and POF multi-layer co-extruded heat shrinkable film.

Benison has been offering customers high-quality packaging equipment and packaging materials, both with advanced technology and 55 years of experience, Benison ensures each customer's demands are met.

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