POF Shrink Film (Single Wound & Center Folded)

POF Shrink Film (Single Wound & Center Folded)

Polycarbonate Shrink Film

POF Heat Shrinkable Film is an environmentally friendly shrink film, Multi-layer co-extrusion. It can be in direct contact with food, and it is suitable for automatic packaging equipment such as L-type sealing machine and horizontal packaging machine…etc.

The technology of co-extrusion blown and cross-linked film is developed by electronic equipment of POLYOLEFINLX. The molecular structure of the cross-linking makes the film very tough and strong, and it also have good sealing and shrinkage.


  • High tensile strength, strong toughness, good insulation, waterproof and anti-dirt, effectively protect the product.
  • High transparency, shine, sealed tightly & free carbon chips. No sharp & hard corner after shrinking to increase the texture and aesthetics of the packaging.
  • High shrinkage and suitable for all kinds of materials with irregular shape products.
  • It can meet the requirements of food-grade without toxic. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly material currently in the world.
  • It could resistance to low temperature without brittle. It can be used for food shrink packaging.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of automatic packaging machines. The advantages include higher packaging efficiency, saving manpower and cost down. Furthermore, it can also be made into bags for manual work if user has no auto packaging equipment.
  • It is printable to have good look and create merchandise benefits.
POF Heat Shrink Able Film
Thickness Type Reel Length
0.012 / 0.015mm Flat Film (S.W.) 2664M
0.019mm Flat Film (S.W.) 2134M
0.012 / 0.015mm Center Fold (C.F.) 1332M
0.019mm Center Fold (C.F.) 1067M
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