Body Label Sleeve Applicator (600BPM)

Body Label Sleeve Applicator (600BPM)


Auto Body Label Sleeve Applicator, LS-120 is designed matching CE certificate, higher safe standard. The L size HMI screen can be saved several memories for easy work.
Also, machine could be installed remote control feature to monitor production.


  • Machine adopted durable SUS 304 cover with nice appearance.
  • Modularized cutting unit for easy change.
  • Servo motor systems are adopted for label feeding & cutter to keep high accurate label cutting.
  • HMI + PLC control system are easy operation with many set of memories to help worker save minutes of adjustment.
  • Any working failure will be showed on HMI with lighting & buzzing to help worker noting.
  • The Auto Label Rollers Splicer is one of options; it ca help reduce the film replacing minutes.
  • Machine is designed matching CE certificate, higher safe standard.


Machine Dimension : 1465 (L) x 1260 (W) x 2618 (H) (m/m)
Power: 3Ø 220V 50/60HZ
Max. Speed: 600 (Max. BPM.) Increase or decrease depending on the length of the label.
Applicable Lable Thickness: 0.035 - 0.07 (m/m)
Applicable Lable Lay Flat Width: 40 - 190 (m/m)
Applicable Lable Cut Length: 30 - 250 (m/m)
Applicable Products Shape: Round, Square, Oval & Others
Applicable Material: PVC, PET, OPS, PLA


Body Label Sleeve Applicator (600BPM), LS-120

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