Solutions for Bundling Canned Products.

Solutions for Bundling Canned Products.

Benison able to give exclusive canned production line solutions and provide all the required materials and equipment. Including the suitable packaging film materials, packaging characteristics, suitable packaging machines, compatible connection equipment, etc. Benison team is ready to help customer by giving customized solutions with professional service in order to increase production efficiency.

Solutions below can be change based on the actual product size and output requirements. You are welcome to fill in the inquiry form below or call for consultation.


Canned food Production line planning proposal and equipment

PSA-250WS+FS-300_Canned Production Solution line

Before, production line used sleeve-type machine with PE film, and gradually changed to L-type sealing machine with POF film material for adjustment. With the increasing market demand, an increase in production capacity is required. Thus, customer needs to purchase more L-type sealing machine. In consequence, It will lead to higher cost of space and labor. Therefore, Benison Consultant team is ready to introduce our Horizontal Flow Wrapper Machine!


POF transparency is high. Changing material from PE to POF can improve aesthetics of the product. Moreover POF is more environmental friendly.


Originally, production capacity was only 60packs/min that required 3 kinds of L-type machines in production lines. However, with a single Horizontal Flow Wrapper packaging machine it is able to increase up 80packs/min. This means more efficient and cheaper production process by increasing the product capacity while reducing labor costs by half. Moreover, one of the advantages of high production capacity is the ability to minimize the production load for seasonal production. Ultimately, no overtime production is needed to fulfill the demand!

Machine Specifications

  • Pillow packaging machine PSA-250WS with shrink tunnel FS-300
  • Production specifications: 80 packs per minute (depend on the package size.)
  • Output: Bundle Pack (3 cans one pack)


  • Save space as a result of reduction production lines numbers while make it easier to build other production lines.
  • Waste can be reduced by half compared with the L-type packaging machine, which saves costs, saves energy and reduces carbon.
  • The shrinking tunnel can be adjusted according to different product types.
  • All machinery and equipment comply with food safety production regulations.
  • The equipment and quantity can be adjusted or decreased based on actual production needs
  • Benison can provide consultation about plant layout planning, production line optimization and labor allocation.

How To Get A Solution Proposal?

Any problems or questions are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us. Benison professional consultant team will evaluate your existing plan and expected output product. In addition, Benison team will arrange further contacts in order to understand your needs.


Solutions for Bundling Canned Products.

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    Standard Model
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    There are 2 model of Horizontal Flow Wrappers. One is PSA-250N for non-shrinkable film, another one is PSA-250W for shrink film; it must work with heat tunnel.

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