Auto L-Type Sealer

Auto L-Type Sealer


Fully Auto L-sealer, LSA-504 is adjusted easily for size change. It can run multiple package to help promotional purpose. The sealing cutter is installed safety & alarm system to protect worker.
The individual pin wheels design can help shrink wrap well. There are many options of working features to be available such as Kissing Conveyor, Changeable Sealing Height, Hi-speed Sealing…etc.


  • Machine adopted constant heat cutter, which has strong & clean seal without polluted gas.
  • The sensor & timer work together to control sealing length automatically.
  • Total 2 set of vertical & horizontal sensors can be switched to work any shape of products perfectly, even thin & small size.
  • Machine is adjusted easily for size change. It can run multiple package to help promotional purpose.
  • POF is environmental friendly. It is only recommended to run with LSA-504.


Machine Dimension: 1730 (L) x 910 (W) x 1380 (H) (m/m)
Power: 1Ø 220V 50/60HZ
Packaging Capacity: 20 - 25 (Boxes/Min)
Sealing Bar Length: 550 x 450
Max. Package Height: 5 - 120 (m/m)
Air Pressure Required: 5.5 (80psi) KG/cm²
Heater: 1.3 (KW)


Auto L-Type Sealer, LSA-504

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