POF Shrinkable Stretch Film

POF Shrinkable Stretch Film

Toxic-Free, Microwavable, Can Be Microwaved Without Opening, Anti-Fog Feature With High Transparency, to be Applied with any Box Type of Fresh Food Products.


  • High shrinkage max 80%, to be applied with any sorts of packaging containers.
  • Anti-fog feature with high transparency after shrinking.
  • Toxic-free, can be microwaved without opening.
  • Can be applied by certain packaging machine with high packaging efficiency.
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Over 55 Years of POF Shrinkable Stretch Film | Packaging Equipment & Film Supply | Benison

Based in Taiwan, Benison & Co., Ltd. is a POF Shrinkable Stretch Film supplier since 1962 and has 400 staff working closely to provide high-quality machinery and films. Benison also provides 24-7 service with distributors located in over 50 countries.

Our ISO certified packaging equipment, including water-type shrink film extruding machines, high-speed side sealing packaging machines, 9-color printing machines, etc. For packaging materials, such as PVC, OPS, PE, PP, PLA, PET and POF multi-layer co-extruded heat shrinkable film.

Benison has been offering customers high-quality packaging equipment and packaging materials, both with advanced technology and 55 years of experience, Benison ensures each customer's demands are met.

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