Auto Side Sealer with Print Sensor

Auto Side Sealer with Print Sensor

USA-005P, USA-007P, USA-009P

Auto Side Sealing Machine, standard model USA-005P, USA-007P & USA-009P can adjust its packaging height basing on product to have strong seal & nice look.
USA-005P, USA-007P & USA-009P adopted constant heating sealing knife by SSR control to keep stable temperature, power saving and easy change. POF is recommended to work with.
USA-005P, USA-007P & USA-009P can reduce the film wastage & seal multiple length without any limitation. Simple design, easy operation, film saving & high efficiency, it is the latest model of wrapping machine.


  • USA-005P, USA-007P & USA-009P are installed print sensor, which can work with printed film.
  • Adopted continuous MD sealing design without length limitation.
  • Sealing Size: No limitation length of MD seal X TD 550 / 700 / 900mm seal (L x W)
  • Machines models USA-005P / USA-007P / USA-009P are made of TD sealing size.
  • Adopted HMI control system to have easy size change & operation.
  • The sealing line can be moved to mid of package to save the film width. Comparing to Auto L-type Sealer, it can be smaller at least 1" film size, which help save film cost.
  • Adopted 2x servo motors to have stable sealing length of bag making.
  • Sealing safety sensor prevent the product from damaging by cutting & protect sealing knife without injury.
  • The TD & MD sealing knifes are separated to have strong sealing line.
  • The minimized wastage trim save cost.
  • It has higher packaging speed with easy size change.
  • The MD sealing can be working any length without limitation.
  • Adopted SSR to control sealing temperature for stable seal function.


Machine Dimension: 2250 (L) x 1300 (W) x 1390 (H) (m/m)
Power: 1Ø 220V 50/60HZ
Packaging Capacity: 40 (Boxes/Min); Box: 180 x 110 x 42 (m/m)
Seal Size: ∞ x 500 (m/m)
Max. Package Height: H 5 - 140 (m/m)
Air Pressure Required: 5.5 (80psi) (KG/cm²)
Heater: 1 (KW)

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