Pakistan Jelly Product Solutions

Pakistan Jelly Product Solutions

Using shrink film to wrap the products is one of the ways to protect the products quality. Benison is able to give solutions and provide all the required materials and equipment, including selections of packaging materials, machines, compatible connection equipment, etc. Benison’s team is ready to help you by giving customized solutions with professional service to increase production efficiency.

Solutions below can be changed basing on the actual product size and output requirements. You are welcome to contact us for consultation.

Auto Side Sealer

USA-004BR(CE) + DS-400L

Jelly Product Solutions Planning

Jelly Product Solutions Planning

Food manufacturer from Pakistan need assistance for shrink packaging equipment to wrap POF film around their jelly box. By using POF shrink film, jelly box can be sealed perfectly with clear appearance that makes customer easy to notice the product. Previously, this manufacturer purchased our side sealer USA-004B(CE). At this time, Benison introduces and recommends the new Side Sealer USA-004BR which connected to heat shrink tunnel DS-400L. The significant difference between USA-004B(CE) and USA-004BR(CE) is USA-004BR(CE) works MD sealing with rotary knife which can have stronger seal compare to USA-004B(CE).


POF shrink material has high clarity, flexibility and durability. Our POF materials are excellent protection which can fit to any shape of the products.


USA-004BR(CE) is using Box Motion sealing system which allows machine to work faster with high-quality sealing line. It is able to pack up to 60boxes/minute (depends on the product size). In addition, this box motion system could reduce material waste and save more material usage! Rotary sealing knife in the machine makes it able to seal with no limitation product length and delivers products with neat seal lines. Moreover, USA-004BR’s Human Interface Panel can be folded which saves workspace and to prevent from collision. Connected with DS-400L, POF film will shrink perfectly fit around the products. To sum up, USA-004BR(CE)+ DS-400L could provide good protection with beautiful appearances for the products in a more efficient way.

Machine Specifications

  • Auto Side Sealer USA-004BR(CE) with shrink DS-400L Shrink Tunnel
  • Packaging Capacity: 60 boxes/minute (depends on product size)
  • Output: Single Pack Product


  • Box Motion sealing systems which make it faster to pack the products compare to other type sealers.
  • MD Rotary Seal Knife in the machine delivers neat seal lines without limitation products length.
  • Folded HMI Panel could avoid collision and save more workspace.
  • CE-marked which can be sold and used for European Market.
  • Efficient Production line by speed up production capacity compare to other type sealers.
  • Variety of product sizes can be sealed without limitation on product length.
  • Material remnant automatically rolled up by automated scraps rewind.
  • Suitable for food and non-food industries.
  • All machinery and equipment comply with food safety production regulations.
  • The equipment, material, and quantity can be adjusted based on actual production needs.
  • Benison can provide consultation about plant layout planning, production line optimization and labor allocation.

How To Get A Solution Proposal?

Any problems or questions are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us by enquiry form below or our hotline service. Benison professional consultant team will evaluate your existing plan and expected output product. In addition, Benison team will arrange further contacts in order to understand your needs.


Jelly Product Solutions Planning


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