Nougat and Marshmallow Biscuit

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Nougat and Marshmallow Biscuit

A packaging bag can be made of a single roll of film by using flow wrapping machine. Flow wrapping machine can work with shrink or non-shrink material. This machine is using seal system by heat to both ends and bottom of the bag. Pillow pack is one of the outcomes for flow wrapping machine which is airtight to protect your product from contaminations.

Benison is able to give solutions and provide all the required materials and equipment, including selections of packaging materials, machines and compatible connection equipment, etc. Benison team is ready to help you by giving customized solutions with professional service to increase production efficiency.

Solutions below can be changed basing on the actual product size and output requirements. You are welcome to contact us for consultation.

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine, PSA-200NT For Nougat And Marshmallow Biscuits Solutions

Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine, PSA-200NT For Nougat And Marshmallow Biscuits Solutions

Homemade nougat and biscuits manufacturer contacted Benison to provide them with flow wrapping machine. What they need is to have pillow pack for their single products of nougat and single products of biscuit. They need flow wrapping machine with high speed to support their production line. After consideration, Benison recommends Flow Wrapping Machine PSA-200NT. With PSA-200NT, both nougat and biscuit products can be wrapped in a more efficient way.


In this case, laminated film PET/CPP (non-shrink material) is used for pillow pack. It consists of PET film which has high printability as first layer and laminated with CPP film as inner heat sealing material. Therefore, laminated Film PET/CPP has good air barrier with high printing quality.


To meet the company requirements, Benison technical team adjusted the speed up to 125packs/minute by dual knives seal which packaging speed can be double comparing to standard model. In addition, the company intends to use printing material for this pillow pack. Therefore, printing sensor is equipped to precisely seal the designated space to avoid cut & damage products. Besides, Our PSA 200NT is highly versatile which makes the production of different product sizes be possible. Within 10-15 minutes of small adjustment on the machine, user can change the Former size baseing on products size. No trained-technician needed. Ultimately, Flow wrapping machine PSA-200NT is recommended by solution to increase efficiency of production line for pillow pack product.

Machine Specifications

  • Flow Wrapper Machine PSA-200NT
  • Packaging Capacity: 125packs/minute (depends on product size)
  • Output: Single Pillow Pack Product


  • Easy to operate.
  • Printing sensor can be installed to make sure printed packs be in the right position
  • Two-side knife sealer can double the machine speed comparing to standard model
  • Enable to pack different size of products, with easy adjustment
  • Suitable for food and non-food industries
  • All machinery and equipment comply with food safety production regulations
  • The equipment, material, and quantity can be adjusted based on actual production needs
  • Benison can provide consultation about plant layout planning, production line optimization, and labor allocation.

How To Get A Solution Proposal?

Any problems or questions are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us by enquiry form below or our hotline service. Benison professional consultant team will evaluate your existing plan and expected output product. In addition, Benison team will arrange further contacts in order to understand your needs.


Flow Wrapping Machine PSA-200NT for Nougat and Marshmallow Biscuits Solutions

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