2021 Interpack in Germany

2021 Interpack in Germany

2021 Interpack in Germany
2021 Interpack in Germany

Benison & Co., Ltd. will participate the biggest packaging show in the world. According to news from organizer, there will be 3,000 exhibitors in 18 show halls from 60 countries. Interpack focus showing packaging solution for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and other industries to express all latest technology for visitors & help them find the best equipment & service.

Benison &Co., Ltd. will exhibit most popular model of machines &material with professional consultants to provide best service in Interpack.

Exhibition Details

  • Date:25 February - 3 March, 2021
  • Booth:Hall 7/ B21
  • Location:Düsseldorf
Related Products
  • Body Label Sleeve Applicator (250BPM)
    Body Label Sleeve Applicator (250BPM)

    Auto Body Label Sleeve Applicator, LG-150 is designed matching CE certificate, higher safe standard. Machine is designed with SUS frame to match production requirement of Foods & Pharmaceutical industries. Also, machine could be installed remote control feature to monitor production.

  • Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine
    Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine

    Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine CHS-120 has 3-axis servo control system with order of customization. Its max working speed can e 60 box/min.

  • Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    Mini-Type Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    PSA-200N (Non-Shrinkable Model), PSA-200W (Shrinkable Model)

    PSA-200N Non-shrinkable Mini-type Horizontal Flow Wrapper, & PSA-200W shrinkable Mini-type Horizontal Flow Wrapper.

  • Shrink Sleeve Applicator
    Shrink Sleeve Applicator
    ES-130 (CE), ES-200 (CE), GS-75, GS-100

    There are 4 type of heat tunnel to run any kind of shrink material; they are heat tunnel for wrapping purpose, steam tunnel, heat tunnel for shrink sleeve & mini-type heat tunnel. Those heat tunnels are designed to conveyor speed controllable, compact dimension, power saving, quick shrinking, quick movable & saving space to reduce packaging cost. It can also work in line to connect upstream & downstream equipment to be fully automatic.

  • PET Shrink Film
    PET Shrink Film

    Single Layer PET Shrink Film, it has complete size well for gravure, flexo & digital multi-color print.

  • POF Shrink Film (Single Wound & Center Folded)
    POF Shrink Film (Single Wound & Center Folded)

    POF Heat Shrinkable Film is an environmentally friendly shrink film, Multi-layer co-extrusion. It can be in direct contact with food, and it is suitable for automatic packaging equipment such as L-type sealing machine and horizontal packaging machine…etc.The technology of co-extrusion blown and cross-linked film is developed by electronic equipment of POLYOLEFINLX. The molecular structure of the cross-linking makes the film very tough and strong, and it also have good sealing and shrinkage.

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Benison 2021 Interpack in Germany Introduction

Benison & Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Packaging Machinery Industry. Benison has been offering our customers high quality Shrink Packaging, Shrink Tamper Band, Packaging Lines, Packaging Machines, Packaging Material, Automatic Packaging Machines, Packaging Film, Laminated Materials, Automatic Production Line since 1962. With both advanced technology and 55 years experience, Benison always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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