Over Wrapping Machine (for BOPP Film & Cellophane)

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Over Wrapping Machine (for BOPP Film & Cellophane)

Over Wrapping Machine (for BOPP Film & Cellophane)
Over Wrapping Machine (for BOPP Film & Cellophane)

The Over Wrapping Machine can be named either BOPP / Cellophane packaging machine or cigarette box packaging machine. Machine model can be customized by users' working requirement to fit varied industries of Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Foods, Stationery & Electronics…etc. Machine works very stable. Basing on production capacities, user can adopt the Manual, Semi-auto or Fully Automatic machine to create the best efficient production.

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  • Manual Over Wrapping
    Manual Over Wrapping

    The manual model of OSH-450S has compact design with easy operation. It is good utilization of either manufacturing plant or office. It does not need to have any changing parts for different size packaging to save cost. It is also very good efficiency for packaging of lower quantity with varied products. It adopts BOPP film, which is environmental friendly with low cost to enhance good packaging look. Besides dust-proof, moisture-proof, fresh keeping & bug-resistant, this machine can be also installed with an unit of tearing string for easy open.

  • Manual Over Wrapping (Semi-Auto Model)
    Manual Over Wrapping (Semi-Auto Model)

    The semi-auto model OSS-450F is good for hard square box. It is mainly worked for side seal. It must work with OSH-450S to save working seconds & increase efficiency. Its working speed can be 15 - 20 pack/min. There are no changing parts to be required for different sizes packaging, but worker needs to adjust the width, which is in working range.

  • Manual Over Wrapping (Fully Auto Model)
    Manual Over Wrapping (Fully Auto Model)

    The semi-auto model OSA-380 is good for hard square box. It adopts either shrinkable or non-shrinkable BOPP film to be folded on sides of box. It can have perfect packaging work without wasting trimming. Because of cheap price, it can save packaging cost & reduce labor cost. This machine is controlled by HMI, which is more human friendly without strict limitation by package sizes. The Auto Collator is an option to pack multiple products without needing box for cost saving.

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