Laser Coder

Laser Coder


Laser Coder, BPLS (by CO2) can have positioning coding, focusing coding & multiple coding. Metal can adopt Optical Fiber Laser Coder, and non-metal can adopt CO2 Laser Coder.


  • The laser coding cannot be removed. It is workable to prevent date from changing.
  • No ink is required, so there is no odor problem from solvent.
  • Less maintenance, so it can reduce stopping production line for maintenance.


Coding of Focal Length: 100mm - 190mm
Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
Min. Coding Width: 0.1mm
Coding Range: 70mm x 70mm - 150mm x 150mm
Speed of Production Line: < 120M/min
Coding Speed: 800 - 1000 letter/second
Letter Size: Any Size Inside the coding range.
Rows of Coding: Any Number of row inside the coding range
Coding Letter: Any Standard of CAD liner letter
Weight: 25kg
Coding Tech. by: CO2; OPTICAL FIBER
Rate of Watt: 30; 20 (W)
Weight: 24.8; 25 (KG)
Power: 220V 50/60Hz 900W; 220V 50/60Hz 600W
Coding Size: 70 x 70, 110 x 110, 150 x 150 (mm)
Coding Speed: 230 M/m
Colling by: Air
Socket: 3XPlug, 2XUSB
Operating Environment: Environment: -5 ~ 40C; Humidity < = 95% NoCooling & No Vibration
Interface: Built-in touch Screen
Machine Dimension: 730 x 137 x 192; 410 x 140 x 430 (mm)

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