Adhesive Tape Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Adhesive Tape Shrink Sleeve Applicator


4 In 1 Round Turning Shrink Sleeve Application Machine of Tapes Packaging

Adhesive Tape Shrink Sleeve Applicator, LR-100 is specially designed by inserting shrink band, placing paper label & shrinking full packaging process for tape. Modularized main machine & mechanism are easy adjustment & quick change. Its cutter is designed particularly for easy replacing to save time. AI control system can be installed to help smart production.


  • Full-side guarding cover matche safety requirement & protects worker from injury by running parts.
  • HMI control system help worker from easy operation & trouble shooting by signal showing on screen.
  • Machine can work with PET, PVC & OPS. Besides adhesive tape, machine can pack products with similar shape.
  • The most advantage is to save space for design of this machine, which has rotating transportation plate with jigs to hold the adhesive tapes from feeding conveyor to discharging conveyor; full working procedures are complete in same machine, easy feeding & collecting with not just saving space, but also saving time & manpower.


Machine Dimension: 2754 (L) x 1370 (W) x 2015 (H) (mm)
Power: 3Ø 220V
Packaging speed: 60 (pc/min) (Speed will be different basing on packaging size.)
Applying Tape Size: OD 68 (m/m)
Core Size: 38 (m/m)
Tape Height: 19 (m/)m
Packaging size: OD 60 - 70mm; Width18 - 24mm.
LR-100 is specially for adhesive tape packaging.
Change parts are required for different size packaging.


  • Specially for Adhesive Tape Packaging.

Adhesive Tape Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Adhesive Tape Shrink Sleeve Applicator, LR-100

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