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Blister Pack

Benison is able to give exclusive production line solutions and provide all the required materials and equipment, including selections of packaging materials, machines, compatible connection equipment, etc. Benison team is ready to help customer by giving customized solutions with professional service in order to increase production efficiency.

Solutions below can be changed basing on the actual product size and output requirements. You are welcome to fill in the inquiry form below or call us for consultation.

Banding Blister Tablet Packs Product Solutions

PTP Banding Machine, PTB-120

Banding Blister Tablet Packs Product Solutions

Blister pack is the most favorable form of package in pharmaceutical industries. It can protect and increase shelf life of pills, capsules, tablets, etc. For retail and ship purpose, blister packs will be placed into box. For most cases, one box contains more than one of blister packs. Thus, Banding blister packs with a strap is needed. In this case, A pharmaceutical industry needs banding their 10 pcs of blister packs. Therefore, Benison recommends our fully auto banding machine of blister tablets package PTB-120. Our machine can wrap a strip of paper or film around it. With PTB 120, it can count blister packs in the right amount compare to manual works. Moreover, bundle blister packs can reduce waste volume and make it easier to pack inside box.


Material for banding is non-shrink material. For instance, It can be from PP+PET or Kraft Paper.


Banding Machine of Blister Tablets Package PTB-120 mostly has been used in pharmaceutical industries. It is practically worked in a simple way. After feeding the products, PTB-120 will automatically count and stack the products into machine slot at the same time. When stack of blister pack is ready to band with the right amount, the sensor will detect and automatically dispense a band to wrap around the stack. Bundle stack will automatically discharge after banding.

PTB-120 is turntable-designed with 8 slots in one cycle. Production capacity up to 16 cycles /minute. In addition, PTB-120 has two optional operations. It can be used only to count blister packs or both count and band blister packs. The biggest advantages of using banding machine in your production line are the ability to ensure the right amount of blister packs and banding them in high speed which could increase production capacity compare to manual works. After all, banding blister packs with Benison can help you to pack your products in a more efficient way!

Machine Specifications

  • Machine Dimension (m/m) : L2660xW1145XH1283
  • Packaging Capacity: 16cycles/min
  • Product dimension: Length (mm): 65~115; Width (mm): 35~65; Height limit of stack (mm): up to 120mm
  • Output: 3~10 tablets (depends on the product dimension)


  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to maintain. (easy access to machine parts)
  • High accuracy number of blister packs.
  • Increase production efficiency by increasing productivity and reduced labor costs compare to manual works.
  • Turntable-designed can save some work space.
  • The equipment, material, and quantity can be adjusted or decreased based on actual production needs.
  • Benison can provide consultation about plant layout planning, production line optimization and labor allocation.

How To Get A Solution Proposal?

Any problems or questions are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us. Benison professional consultant team will evaluate your existing plan and expected output product. In addition, Benison team will arrange further contacts in order to understand your needs.


Banding Blister Tablet Packs Product Solutions

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