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Business Philosophy

Our shrink packaging humanizes consumer products.Shrink wrapping and shrink film can be used to create whatever image your product needs - from traditional or conservative, to innovative and new.  Shrink packaging attracts your customers' attention, improving your position in the market.

Shrink packaging lengthens the life of most consumer products. As a company that manufactures the shrink wrapping machines as well as the shrink packaging  materials, we can see to your total needs.  Since 1962, We have developed both expertise and technology in our 50 years of experience, becoming a leader in the shrink packaging industry.  With sincerity, confidence and persistence, we will provide the best and the most comprehensive service for our clients.

A Message from the Chairman

Benison & Co., Ltd. has experienced many economic impacts since it established itself as a quality provider or shrink packaging solutions in 1962. Through the unceasing cooperation of our entire staff, along with the great concern and contribution of those in administrative positions, the firm has developed from a hard-working, family-run shrink wrapping corporation into a large-scale "corporate family," a leader in the world-wide packaging equipment market.   The trials we faced as the shrink wrapping business grew have taught us operational persistence that remains strong today, as well as forging in our company a spirit of understanding, participation, and contribution among every employee.

The shrink packaging industry fuels the competition in other consumer markets by improving the outer appearance of a tremendous number of products.  And as we seek to find the most eye-catching uses for our shrink film, Benison & Co., Ltd. incorporates all the opinions our the clients to design their specific shrink packaging solution.  We strive to improve not only the service our customers receive but also to be an environment concerned with "inner beauty," education, advancing packaging equipment technology and virtue, and the quality of the enterprise.

I am extremely grateful that Benison & Co., Ltd. has the opportunity to provide our quality shrink wrapping and packaging services to all of you and hope that we can establish a strong, everlasting relationship. Thank you very much.